Junior Leadership Program for TeenS

Essential social and emotional skill development program building key leadership concepts using action driven learning and coaching challenges to reinforce social awareness, personal awareness, relationship building, responsible decision making, and personal accountability.

Life Changing

I spent decades leading and coaching young people in the workplace, in the classroom, and in sporting events and many of those young people shared commonalities that I found rather alarming.

Many of these young people lacked essential skills that would help them build effective relationships, communicate effectively, demonstrate confidence and courage, engage in continuous learning, and possess the right attitude to help them overcome adversity to find true happiness and success.

I am launching this program to help teenagers build these essential leadership skills.


Junior Leadership Program Details

Two Self Guided Online Modules

Achieving Self Confidence

  • Learn skills to grow courage
  • Discover ways to overcome the negativity of others
  • Establish methods to overcome the negativity of oneself
  • Understand ways to overcome  fear
  • Build skills to overcome roadblocks
  • Build personal self talk/positive intentions
  • Grow personal awareness
  • Establish personal boundaries

Attitude that Models the Way

  • Build strong relationships that bring value & support
  • Approach life with a positive outlook and encouragement 
  • Empower you to learn more, grow more, & explore more of what you want out of life
  • Help improve your self-esteem and build your self confidence
  • Achieve more in life and find success in many different areas of your life
  • Face life with the right mindset

Reinforcement learning activities for each module

32 Daily Affirmations

Self-care worksheet

Daily life journal

Vision Board 

My Not-to-do 

Anxiety vs Truth 

3-minute self-esteem builder

Weekly reflection

Two Full Session Coaching Calls with Coach Steph to Reinforce the Learning

Additional Program Bonuses

Coaching Challenges to strengthen each key leadership skill

Suggested reward activities

Discount on future Leadership Packages

Bonus features within each self-paced module

Self-guided workbook

fitness awareness 

nutritional awareness

household chore tutorial

A little about

I have spent my life coaching people to be successful.  I have spent my life learning how people think and what motivates them. I have spent my life influencing people of all ages, races, and backgrounds to be the BEST they can be. My life’s passion has been helping people build essential life social and emotional skills. Skills that will help them learn how to overcome adversity in life through changing their personal awareness to acquire a positive mindset. By changing patterns of thinking, reshaping the way people see their life, and empowering them to take control of their thoughts and actions, my life’s purpose has been to help others find their passions in life and prepare for a lifetime of achievements and happiness through learning essential life skills.
My extensive training and education has helped me build leadership programs over the years that have taught key concepts that have helped people learn how to overcome personal limitations and barriers to get the life they dreamed of. 
  • Former High School PE & Health Teacher
  • Former Varsity Athletics Coach
  • Former Senior Leader for FedEx Ground
  • Certified Teen Empowerment Coach
  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Certified Executive Leadership Coach
  • Certified Organizational & Development Coach

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