Hi, I am Steph, the owner and founder of Here We Go Coaching Services. I started this company to help people who struggle to get where they want in life. Through adapting a positive, mindful mindset, people can become their best versions of themselves personally and professionally. My coaching services will help people achieve their goals and reach beyond what they ever thought possible of themselves. My clients will learn to think differently, act differently, and gain control of their own actions so they have full power in impacting positive change.

My Past

Highly Successful Senior Leader & Manager for FedEx Ground

Two-time FedEx prestigious 5 Star Award winner with over 18 years of exemplary leadership excelling in people development within the transportation industry. Excellent reputation for developing future Senior Leaders, building safe work environments, effective delegation and extreme follow up, proven process management controls, identifying inefficiencies saving millions to the bottom line, and a unique ability to create winning teams and cultures in which frontline employees feel empowered to thrive within the organization resulting in highly efficient teams.


I taught children and teens K – 12 in Spanish, Physical Education, and Health. I worked with teens teaching them how to overcome difficulties in life and having a power winning attitude to do so. I helped teens develop into young successful individuals with aspiring goals. It is extremely important that we are providing our youth with a mindset to overcome challenges in today’s society. Through my coaching, your teenager can learn to acquire a mindset that will support them for life and help them find true happiness and success.

High School Coach

I had the opportunity to coach student athletes for many many years and it was remarkable to learn so much from them. The youth has so much to offer and every day I learned from them on how to be a better person, a better leader, and how to give back to the world. If my athletes got half of what I got out of the experience, then it was a rewarding one.


If you answered “no”, then the question is, what are you waiting for?

We only get one shot at this life and I firmly believe it is within our power to actually build the life we dream to have.

Unfortunately we run into ourselves and life issues and that gets in the way.

I specialize in several areas: improving teenager awareness to build mindsets that allow them to approach life’s problems with courage and confidence, growing self-esteem, relationships, executive and team leadership, empowerment, and personal growth.

I also provide programs for teens to build leadership skills that will promote their success in life.

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