Mastering Tough Conversations

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Steph Duemmel is the founder and CEO of Here We Go coaching services. At Here We Go, our belief is that learning is critical to building a positive powerful mindset. We also believe that growth is very important to our happiness and success. We are not talking about how tall you’re going to get. We are talking about continuous learning to fuel your mind and motivate your ability and confidence to get more out of life!

Accountability can be a most difficult aspect for some to employ. Critical in nature, accountability offers an opportunity for both parties to grow. It may be very uncomfortable, but learning the art of accountability is crucial to excel in life. Every encounter provides the opportunity to gain buy-in. This includes conversations that are meant to bring accountability to a situation. No individual, or employee wants to be corrected, so why not add a twist and show them you care, that you want them to be heard, and that you want them to feel valued. Let’s begin our journey to learn how to master accountability conversations.

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