Do you want to make a significant personal or professional change but are not taking the action to move forward towards what you really want? I understand. In today’s world most people are so busy juggling all of their commitments and responsibilities that it’s easy to put true goals and desires on the back burner. It doesn’t have to be that way! As a Certified Coach, I help my clients uncover what is really holding them back. By identifying and addressing their underlying fears, patterns and limiting beliefs, my clients stop making excuses and start taking action to live their best life.

I fully believe that each of us are special with unique talents, thoughts, and abilities. I also believe that sometimes it is hard for us to see how special we are and because of external factors we get stuck and surrounded with negativity that keeps us from exploring and going after what we want in life. These factors keep us from moving forward to where we really want to go. Fear, anxiety, depression and sadness sometimes results from us being stuck. Life can be scary and painful if you don’t have the right focus, belief in yourself, positive energy and goals to overcome these emotions. Setting goals is an important part of the process. I welcome you to this journey and hope that you will find it rewarding, empowering, and motivating. With my help, I hope you learn to take control of your life, your thoughts, and your goals while on your journey to finding a better YOU!

Benefits of coaching

  • Accelerated personal growth and understanding of self
  • A lifelong journey of personal excellence and knowledge 
  • The ability to enhance any aspect of your personal life or job-role in any organization and industry
  • Coaching brings out the best in people and motivates them to be the very best in whatever they do personally and professionally
  • Creates more options in life – brings awareness to choices you make and how they impact your daily life 
  • A right and good purpose and meaning in life, measured in real value terms of effort and reward, not lost in a personal fear
  • Ability to make long, lasting, positive changes in your life through intentional action
  • Courage and motivation to make long term goals that will help you find your passion and purpose in life

How I Coach Clients

Throughout your coaching sessions, I will work with you to bring awareness to your life’s values and choices, so they become a lot clearer.  We will work together to determine what success looks like and define clear goals that will help you map out actions to achieve them.  Together we will learn how to clear up the distractions and how to channel them so that you are clear on the direction you want to go. My programs will help build key characteristics for any person wanting to change their mindset and grow their self-esteem.

Different approaches will be used to determine which coaching styles are best for you, which techniques and tools will be most beneficial and teach you how to become aware of your mindset.  I will provide you with support so that you can have the best possible results.

Throughout our sessions, we will:

  • Bring awareness to your values, talents, and life vision
  • Create meaningful personal and professional goals and direction
  • Set your goals with quality and meaningful action steps
  • Stay energized and motivated to remain focused
  • Use tools to help you achieve your goals
  • Learn to identify those unwanted behaviors and replace with powerful, intentional decisions to create positive change
  • Use a positive mindset to overcome challenges while learning to practice self-motivation

Coaching sessions are:

  • Typically 60 minutes in length
  • Usually over the phone or webinar however face to face meetings are available
  • 4-8 sessions depending on the client
  • During normal business hours and on Saturdays by appointment

My goal as a Coach is to help you discover how to become your best self while learning to overcome distractions and channel negative, unwanted thoughts.  I hope you are as excited about this journey as I am for you!

How to Get the Most from Coaching

Coaching uses philosophical insights and techniques to help individuals think about life, what is desired and how best to achieve those results. Problems encountered are not seen as illnesses to be cured. Instead, I will engage with you in a dialogue with the aim to help you think more clearly and deeply about issues.

This interaction will create clarity and move you into action. Coaching will accelerate your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.

Professional coaching is an ongoing relationship that will help you produce extraordinary results in your life, career or business. Through the process of coaching, you will deepen your learning, improve your performance, and enhance your quality of life.

Coaching is the single most powerful, methodical system ever devised for releasing individual human potential. Professional Coaches have the skills to pose the questions that enable you to establish where YOU are now and where YOU want to be and where YOU want to go in the future.

The coaching method is:

  • Non-judgmental
  • Non-directional
  • Impartial

To get the most out of coaching, it is important that you understand that what you put into this journey is exactly what you will get out of it.  It is essential that the coach AND the client work hard together towards the goals you outline for yourself.  It is also important that you bring a positive mindset each session.  Coaching is only effective if you have committed and are willing to show up on time, complete your tasks/goals, and are motivated to create awareness to your pursuit of happiness.   Your commitment is essential to helping you progress towards enhancing your quality of life. Doing all of these things will help you learn, grow and become your best self.  I look forward to working with you to explore your passions.

If you answered “no”, then the question is, what are you waiting for?

We only get one shot at this life and I firmly believe it is within our power to actually build the life we dream to have.

Unfortunately we run into ourselves and life issues and that gets in the way.

I specialize in several areas: improving teenager awareness to build mindsets that allow them to approach life’s problems with courage and confidence, growing self-esteem, relationships, executive and team leadership, empowerment, and personal growth.

I also provide programs for teens to build leadership skills that will promote their success in life.

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