Ways to Knock the Negative from Your Life

Do you ever feel exhausted after talking to a close friend?

Does their negativity weigh on you, drag you down?

Does their constant complaining, negative outlook on life, constant problems steal the little bit of positive you were holding onto?

Unfortunately, sometimes you will encounter people who consume the energy in the room while leaving behind a cloud of dust that sprinkles “negative nature” on you and can set your mood into a tail spin.

These people, whom you have the most contact with and hang around will have either a positive or negative effect on your levels of self-esteem and confidence.

These effects can have a short term or lasting impression on you. Their impact can leave you feeling charged up or feeling like you need refueled.

Recognizing how people affect us is important to being happy.

We all know those people who are positive, happy, cheerful, and joyful to be around.

What do those people make you feel like?

Yes, they make you feel the same way! They can but zest into a boring atmosphere and can fill the room with positive. They give you the “can do” vibes that make us feel good. They bring a sense of energy that is empowering and motivating.

What about those that are sad, depressed, often angry, negative, and always discouraged?

Their statements are always about not having opportunities, always putting people down, disliking others that are successful, and showing jealously as well as negative thinking – need I go on!

These people drain your energy and bring you down to their level, a million miles away from the level that YOU want to be operating on.

Family members can be a lot like this also but you can always choose your friends, you can never choose your family!

So what should you do to make sure that the people who you hang around with empower and support what you stand for rather than bring you down all of the time?

  1. You have the power to choose who you hang around with. It is a choice.  Ideally you want happy, vibrant and positive people to surround yourself with so you can surround yourself with empowering energy.
  2. If you have good friends who are negative and yet you still want to hang around them, make a point of letting them know how you feel – if they are a true friend they will respect you for this. If they are negative from time to time just acknowledge that this is what they are like and block out the negativity.
  3. The same can be said with family. Your more mature family members have behaviors that have been conditioned for years and years and from different eras. Appreciate where they have come from and their beliefs. Also, as in number 2, express how you feel or block out the negative.
  4. Remember, that nothing has meaning in life except the meaning that you give it.

Choosing to be happy is always easier said than done. There are so many outside extenuating circumstances and influences that can alter our mood at any split second. Being able to manage what affects your mood takes practice but is the most rewarding experience because it can truly give you a life of peace, purpose, and passion. Here are a few tips to helping you manage those negative influences that keep you from finding happiness.

  1. Build personal awareness – Understanding how people make you feel is important to building positive, healthy, and supportive relationships
  2. Improve and increase your self talk – Building an inner voice that is helpful rather than hurtful is important when building self-esteem and confidence to be able to set boundaries around people that don’t make you feel good
  3. Set boundaries – Doing this helps you set those invisible yet critical lines that let others know how they may interact with you, talk with you, and impact you
  4. Acknowledge and release – when you encounter someone that attempts to change your mood or tries to inflict negative vibes on you, acknowledge what is happening, release the negative energy, take deep breathes, count backwards 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and refocus on 3 positives in your life to ground you into a positive space

How you live your life is your choice. It is your life and you have the power to decide what affects you. By practicing these concepts and tips, you can build a life of peace, purpose, and passion. By managing the negative influences in your life, you allow yourself an opportunity to build a life that you want, you deserve, and you imagined.

Stop living in the negative and make a change today!

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