How I Learned the Secrets to Life

It might not have earned me millions


but every single life experience created ME!


I typically don’t write blogs about this stuff, but I thought it was important because I have secrets about living life that I need to share with the world.

More importantly, share with as many teens and young adults as possible.

I want to help them learn to master these secrets of life.

I want to help them discover more, learn more, be more motivated, achieve more, and fuel their life with confidence and purpose. I want to help them find their passions in life and prepare for a lifetime of achievements and happiness through learning essential life skills.

Young people are starving for hope, love, companionship, joy, adventure, and learning. They are searching for things to fuel their mind, body, and spirit.

They are searching for purpose and passion.

And because of all this, I want to share my passion with them…

this thing called LIFE.

I will be launching a new program for young people this summer over the next month or so.

This program is designed to create personal awareness, creative thinking, strategic thinking, goal setting, mindfulness, perception, and incorporate life’s skills to face life’s challenges with courage and confidence.

This JUNIOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM will help young people learn what I know will give them the BEST chance at creating the life they have dreamed of.

In addition to this program, I will be launching two others in the future:



I have put my heart and soul into these programs because I see the youth of today and their struggles, they face each day. I’ve witnessed the struggles young people have in the workplace today. I listened to the stories of young people and how they view the world. I felt the pain and anxiety the youth struggles with today. I hear what they are screaming for, what they are starving for.

These programs can help people become their BEST SELF and live their BEST LIFE.

I wanted to share my journey of how all of this began.

So here is the cliff note version of MY STORY.

I guess we will start with high school.  School jock, tri letter winner, and nicknamed Brut, as if that isn’t a stereotype picture. My senior year I was awarded the Father Helias award for loyalty & character. I worked hard to achieve National Honor’s society each year. I also worked a part time job at the age of 16 at Gerbes, the local grocery store, making donuts late into the Friday and Saturday nights. I remember working hard at everything I did. My parents raised me to work hard for what I wanted in life. They taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to. My educators reinforced that every year of my Catholic upbringing.

I remember always searching for more, trying to improve my athletic skills, helping the other girls around me get stronger and better too.

I loved athletics. I appreciated creating relationships with people that had the same goals. I craved learning what teamwork was all about. The hard work and dedication were so addictive especially when there was a sense of accomplishment at the end. Athletics helped shape me. It helped mold me into the leader that I have become today.

Athletics carried me into my career. As I entered college, I coached any sport a school would let me. I loved teaching athletes the skills of the game but more importantly the skills you need in life.

I too learned a lot about the skills you need in life as I met new challenges, new job roles, career changes, financial struggles, relationship problems…the whole 9 yards of life!

Once I graduated college, I started my teaching career in a small little Missouri town. I worked with the kindergarten teaching in the mornings and in the afternoons, I taught Health, PE, and Spanish.

I will never forget that experience. So many interactions, good and bad. Hide and go seek after a basketball game with the team to celebrate my birthday. Painting the Lioness Den so the girls could have their first locker room. The bouncy bus rides on those windy, curvy roads.

The locker room talks were the best. The laughter at practice and in the classroom. I remember talking for hours with the girls about life and important things.

I learned so much about myself during that time. I learned a lot about leading people and how NOT to lead them.

The biggest lesson I learned was that making the choice to lead people comes with a huge responsibility.  I grew to understand that everything I did, said, or how I reacted was under a microscope. I learned that leading is a privilege and by doing so, you must be willing to go the distance to model the way.

I was able to establish lifelong relationships with many of these students who are still active in my life today. I also took everything I learned from those students and carried to my next career move.

After a few years, I decided to take another teaching/coaching assignment in Kansas City area.

The class sizes were much bigger. The area of study I taught was Health, PE, Spanish, and weight training.

This was another incredible, exceptionally talented, special group of ladies that made a huge impact on my life. There was never a dull moment with these girls. We were the mighty mighty Eagles. These girls were fearless and worked so hard, trying to meet my expectations. Sometimes my expectations got in the way however and the experience for some was not ideal. Learning experiences can be rough especially when you crush someone’s spirit of playing the game.  These were the moments of my not-so finest hour.

I never said the journey was perfect. In fact, it was in my WORST moments in which I learned more about myself, others involved, and how my actions and words impacted those around me. Those imperfect moments were the most memorable to me. Those were the moments I never wanted to repeat again. Those were the moments I carried forward to learn how to be a better human, a better friend, a better listener, a better communicator, and a better everything.

After years of teaching, I decided to try a different career path.

FedEx Ground gave me a manager job. The only problem was…. I had never managed, nor did I know anything about moving boxes.

Little did I know that MANAGING was EVERYTHING about TEACHING.

Throughout my 18 years with FedEx, I learned more about people, myself, cultures, ethnicities, teamwork, disappointment, age groups, tendencies, opportunities, planning, leading, coaching, different demographics, poverty, hate, racism, winning, and creating a culture where people want to be better, people want to do better, and people want to treat people better.

I have spent my life coaching people to be successful.  I have spent my life learning how people think and what motivates them. I have spent my life influencing people of all ages, races, and backgrounds to be the BEST they can be. My life’s passion has been helping people build essential life skills. Skills that will help them learn how to overcome adversity in life through changing their personal awareness to acquire a positive mindset. By changing patterns of thinking, reshaping the way people see their life, and empowering them to take control of their thoughts and actions, my life’s purpose has been to help others find their passions in life and prepare for a lifetime of achievements and happiness through learning essential life skills.

So here we are. Present day. Learning every day as I go. Following God’s plan for me. And what a journey.

I’m a Certified Coach. I help people climb out of their darkness. I help them create self-sustainable light so they find the life they have been searching for.

If you know of anyone that struggles with depression, anxiety, anger issues, relationships issues, loneliness, sadness, or any emotion that is holding them back, have them reach out.

Let me help them explore life through a different set of lens.


Here We Go…





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