3 Ways to Practice Building Emotional Intelligence

I wanted to talk about something that I posted last week, it was emotional Intelligence, somebody reached out to me and was like, Steph, what in the heck is emotional intelligence? And I was like, you know, it’s the ability to control your mindset, when you’re mad, sad, frustrated, anxious, stressed out to the max, and it’s your ability to not treat people like crud when you are filled with all these negative emotions.

If you can control your emotions, in those types of times, then you can build this positive, powerful mindset. Right now, everybody needs a positive power mindset to deal with what’s going on in our crazy society. I have three things that you can practice to help you build a positive, powerful mindset and lead you to better emotional intelligence. It’s really important because when you can learn to control your mindset, you can communicate on all different levels and a lot better.

Number one, you have to be aware, you have to be aware of what your minds doing, you have to be aware of what your mind is thinking about, like right before this video, what was your mind doing? Where was your mind? What was it thinking about? Where was it taking you? What kind of space was your mind in before this? Being aware of where your mind’s going all the time and your emotions, helps you identify and bring awareness to your mindset. If you can be aware, then you can do something about it. If you’re feeling awful all the time and you just want to stay in your room with the lights off, what’s your mind doing? Think about what your mind is doing. Figure out what your mind is thinking about all the time, especially if it’s holding you back, right?

The second thing is you want to rechannel all of those negative thoughts. The emotion, the negativity, whatever it is, you want to learn to re-channel it. So being aware is number one. But number two is you have the ability to change your mindset at any given point. Just because you’re under the covers doesn’t mean you have to stay under the covers. Staying under the covers isn’t working on yourself and it isn’t making yourself to be better. It isn’t becoming your best self. So be aware of what your mind is doing and then re-channel it. What does that mean? Rechannel? Well, you have to take action. Let’s say you’re thinking about something about yourself that’s negative, and that it’s a limiting belief that says you can’t do something, well, then what you want to do is change the thought, grab a book, change your demeanor, change your physical status. If you’re sitting down, stand up, fill your mind with positivity and stop that negative behavior. You got to say, Stop, stop being negative. You literally have to talk to yourself and you have to practice. By catching yourself think this way, finding yourself being negative, more so than positive, you can change it. So be aware, rechannel, do something about that thought, get rid of that thought.

Number three is get rid of the fun suckers. My friend and I made up that term a long time ago, the fun suckers. Get rid of the fun suckers. You must have people that are willing to support you in your journey to build a positive, powerful mindset. And if you don’t have people supporting you, you’re probably not going to get where you want to go. You have to look at the people around you. Are they negative? Are they holding you back? Do they want to keep you in that dark space? Or are they really happy for you when you lose 10 pounds? Or go after a job that you just don’t know if you’re quite qualified for or they give you positive affirmations every day? Or are they the exact opposite? Do they want to see you succeed? Because what happens when you succeed? That means they have to succeed, improve their life. And a lot of people want to stay the exact same way they are. I’m not saying get rid of every negative relationship, but at least influence them to see what they’re doing. Talk to them, tell them how you feel when they’re making those types of remarks, do something about it. But if they’re not willing to change, that’s when you have to start thinking, hey, do they bring value to my life? If they don’t bring value to your life, then what’s their purpose in your life if they’re just dragging you through the mud all the time?

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